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      DGT Consulting was established as a consulting group in 2006 and incorporated in 2009 with over 25 years experience working with Managed Care Organizations (MCO) to provide practical business solutions that are responsive and innovative to assist in meeting the ever changing needs of providing care. As a subsidiary of Cecil H. Doggette, LLC, DGT provided a multitude of services.

We were originally designed to assist MCO’s in developing programs and strategies to enhance the overall growth and maintenance of their membership and to increase community awareness of organization benefits and eligibility. DGT provided field operation programs for experience community outreach representatives to track and increase membership, improve quality of care delivery as demonstrated by increased EPSDT and HEDIS compliance rates.

      Our Firm assisted MCO’s in refining and increasing their ability to connect with membership through support groups, athletic and health education programs and through large community partnerships and collaborations. Participation in governmental and regulatory bodies increases the efficiency and ability of DGT to be agile and increase compliance with new standards and expectations. This role of DGT in the community, government sector and large community roots and partnerships allows any MCO a large network of knowledge and a role that allows the MCO to increase service and to leverage connections for improved business solutions focused on Quality Improvement, Compliance with health standards and increased business growth through membership maintenance and marketing of programs to the extended community.

      DGT has an incomparable reputation in the community and with its partners for delivering high quality partnership as well as community programs and being a voice on the rapidly changing stage of healthcare improvement and development. New developments in current healthcare law and upcoming changes make DGT a vital partner in the success of programs and organizations that require complex strategic population and community integration and management.

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